Meet Edward

Millennial. Property Investor. Massive Star Wars Fan

Hello There!

Don’t let my age fool you… I have spent the last 13 years immersed in the Real Estate Biz.

I take the property I buy seriously and make sure it doesn’t keep me up at night, wondering if I made the right choice.  Neither should you!

I love helping others make sense of the Singapore Property Market, and ensure that their property purchases achieve its highest potential capital gain with low risks.

It’s not all about the location!

I teach a sustainable approach that helps transform the way you view property purchases, and to provide the tools to meet your investment goals by reducing the risks of losing money 


Fun Facts About Me

* I’m an Enneagram type Type 7, with a preferred wing style of a Type 6

* I love playing video games, miniature painting, table top games, and reading science fiction novels in my free time

* Video games I’m playing now are Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare , Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, and Hearts Of Iron IV

* If I were stuck on a desert island, the shows I’d bring are the Star Wars Movies, All 9 seasons of The Office, and Parks and Recreation

* The top social media apps I love browsing on are Facebook, Instagram and Reddit

* In a celebratory meal, you’d find me ordering, Fried Hokkien Mee, BBQ Chicken Wings, Sambal Stingray, Satay, and Orh Luak (Oyster Omelette)

Why I Love My Real Estate Job?


I love helping property owners earn from capital appreciation, regardless it be bought for investment or for own stay.



I am able to transform people’s lives, through their property purchases, towards a comfortable, stress-free retirement.



After my clients gain a 100% understanding on how to choose the right type of properties, they are able to make better decisions.  This would greatly reduce the risk of losing money through their property purchases.

“You can escape the rat race early, simply by choosing the right properties”

My Story

When I was 13, I was exposed to the world of real estate, by helping my parents with some back-end work as a part-time job.  By 15, I knew I wanted to have a career in real estate.

My parents, both top producers, tasked me with preparing transaction records, generating trend-line charts, aside from posting ads on web portals.

Over time, I started noticing patterns and similarities in the price trends of condos, and found that those who appreciated in value and those who depreciated, all have similar type of traits respectively.

This part-time job soon blossomed into a life goal.


My first property purchase at 25 years old

My parents played a huge role in nuturing me into what I am today.  With a long history in Pharma sales, my mum was trained to sell using facts and figures.  This is important because the medicine had to be backed with evidence.

Likewise, property purchases have to be back with facts and figures too. Which was why she brought over the practice , when she came over to Real Estate.

Eventually, she developed the 7R Frameworkan easy-to-adopt method to identify properties that has a low chance of becoming a bad purchase.

Empowered with this wisdom, many of her clients were able to see substantial capital gains, and this allowed them to send their kids to study overseas, or to help support their early retirement.

Upon seeing how many of her clients’ lives have improved, I felt that I had a duty to transform other people’s lives through their property purchase.  Which was why I decided to join the Real Estate industry.




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